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Machine Learning with Quantum Computers

At Entropica Labs, we develop software tools and variational quantum algorithms for optimisation and statistical learning.
Our goal: Leverage the full power of quantum computing and AI.


Jan Lukas
Tommaso Demarie
Founder, CEO
Jan Lukas
Ewan Munro
Founder, CTO
Jan Lukas
Joaquín Keller
Jan Lukas
Jan Lukas Bosse
Quantum Algorithms Wizard

Software Tools

by Entropica Labs

Entropica QAOA

Install and start your project with our Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm Library

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Quantum Machine Learning Lab

The QML Lab is our platform to experiment and understand Quantum Machine Learning algorithms.
Go and play: https://qml.entropicalabs.io/

Working at Entropica Labs

We are currently hiring for technical and scientific roles at all levels.

You want to join the quantum computing revolution,
You have a background in maths, physics, computer science, machine learning, quantum information...
We’d love to hear from you.

Apply at careers@​entropicalabs.com

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