Doing the most with quantum computers, today

At Entropica, we create the models, algorithms and software tools to make quantum computing useful


A hardware-driven approach

We design our software to work on the leading cloud quantum computing platforms, to ensure a smooth integration, testing and benchmarking across models, computing systems and workflows. And everything we code can run on actual quantum computers.


The Entropy Development Framework

We are building a comprehensive framework to offer your organisation the ability to experiment with benchmarking protocols, machine learning models and optimisation workflows on real quantum hardware. Entropy fully integrates with the major cloud quantum computing platforms

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Software tools by Entropica Labs

Entropica QAOA

Install and start your project with our EntropicaQAOA, a free and open-source software package implementing the quantum approximate optimisation algorithm (QAOA).

QAOA is an algorithm designed for near-term quantum computers, with applications to machine learning and discrete optimisation.


Quantum Machine Learning Lab

The QML Lab is our web-based platform to experiment with and understand quantum machine learning models and algorithms.

Try different quantum circuits configurations to perform supervised learning of a binary classifier for a bidimensional dataset.

Quantum Perceptron

Our partners

We work with the quantum and classical computing systems of: