Apprenticeship Programme

Summer Intake (May - Aug 2020) 

Entropica Labs has partnered with SGInnovate as part of the bi-annual apprenticeship “Summation” programme. Established by the Singapore Government, SGInnovate is the country's leading organisation for helping entrepreneurial scientists build Deep Tech startups. The Summation Programme is an apprenticeship framework to help students finding unique work opportunities in exciting Singaporean startups.

The applications for the summer intake (May - Aug) are now open, see Summation page here , and the deadline is 17th January 2020. Feel free to apply or to invite people you know to apply to work up to six months with us at Entropica! The Programme offers attractive stipends (3,000-6,000 SGD/month), together with travel expenses reimbursements for eligible international students.  

This is an incredible opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects and acquire valuable expertise for one's future career. Please do help us to spread the voice, thank you!

The EL Team

Projects available

Our open positions involve a combination of basic research and software engineering, so they can be adapted to the skills and interests of the apprentice

  1. Near Term Quantum Machine Learning
    In this project, you will contribute to the technical development of algorithms and applications for Entropica's quantum machine learning suite. The goal is to design and implement variational quantum algorithms for supervised and unsupervised machine learning, and benchmark their performance against existing classical algorithms. The work will involve the use of both real quantum hardware, as well as classical HPC for simulating and prototyping.
  2. Scientific computation for quantum machine learning algorithms
    In this project, you will help to integrate high-performance computing with Entropica's quantum machine learning suite. The tasks include the development of simulated quantum computing environments using parallelisation and distribution techniques on the cloud.

Our ideal candidates

Creating an environment where team members can work together on the hardest problems in quantum and machine learning

Our ideal candidate is an adaptable, highly motivated, quick learner, with a passion for asking and answering difficult scientific questions. We would love to hear from you if you are or have:

Your Responsibilities

How you would contribute to the growth of the company

Responsibilities will be tailored to your previous experience. However, you can expect they will involve all of the following to some degree:

What we offer you

We want you to gain useful experience in deep-tech

As founders, we are committed to contributing to the personal growth of our team members, and we actively provide mentorship and training throughout our work. During the apprenticeship, we will make sure to offer you:

How to apply

Applications close on the 17th of January! Hurry up!

Interested candidates should submit an application through the SGInnovate portal  before 17 January 2020, and send their CV along with a brief cover letter to

Interviews and with shortlisted candidates will take place in February 2020, with final offers being made in March 2020. Starting dates are flexible, but are anticipated around May / June 2020.