Entropica is a Singapore-based quantum startup founded by an ambitious and talented team. Ewan and Tommaso first met in 2014 while working at Singapore's Centre for Quantum technologies. They later met Joaquin during the third cohort of Entrepreneur First SG. 


Tommaso Demarie

CEO & Co-founder

Tommaso is a quantum information theorist with more than 8 years experience working on quantum computing. He holds a PhD in physics from Macquarie University, Australia, and is an alumni of Singapore's Centre for Quantum Technologies. Prior to his research days, he worked as a statistician for a major Italian bank, building mathematical models for risk analysis.

Tommaso is a certified Sommelier, chess player (with ELO ranking), a yoga practitioner and an avid reader.

Favourite quantum gate: Hadamard gate.


Ewan Munro

CTO & Co-founder

Ewan has a PhD from the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) at the National University of Singapore, where he specialised in modelling physical platforms for quantum computing and information processing. He also has a Master’s Degree in Mathematical Physics from the University of Edinburgh, and was a visiting scientist at the Institute for Photonic Sciences in Barcelona.


Joaquín Keller


Joaquin was the head of a distributed computing research group at Orange, France, one of the world’s largest telecom corporations. Joaquin’s expertise covers mathematics, algorithms, machine learning, and computing infrastructures. Joaquin holds a PhD in distributed computing from Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University and Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University.


Jan Lukas

Team member

Jan Lukas is a Masters student of theoretical physics at the very University where Quantum Mechanics was developed, Göttingen. His special interest is Quantum Computation, right where mathematics, physics and computer science converge into one new exciting field that could shape the future.

So he joined Entropica in January and is working with them on understanding variational quantum algorithms better while further sharpening his tools at Uni.

Favorite Quantum Gate: Toffoli Gate.


Amarpreet Kaur

Business Development Analyst

Amarpreet is a driven creative professional with a passion for solving problems. Amarpreet works as part of the marketing team at the Creative Destruction Lab, overseeing digital content strategies across the CDL’s six locations in Canada and the US. She is currently pursuing her MBA in Marketing and Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Rotman School of Management. She is a graduate of the Master of Biotechnology and Honours Bachelor of Science programs at University of Toronto. 

Amarpreet worked at the Research Innovation Commercialization (RIC) Centre for almost 3 years supporting technology entrepreneurs. She also runs a freelance marketing studio and is a licensed Real Estate Broker.