Entropica Labs

Scalable software tools to make quantum computers useful.



A Python open-source multi-backed Software Development Kit for optimisation with quantum computers.

Create, customise and run Quantum Approximate Optimisation Algorithms (QAOAs) on current quantum devices and simulators.

We designed OpenQAOA to simplify and enhance research on QAOA, providing a robust and consistent framework for experimentation on QPUs.

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The Julia Entropica Physics-based Optimisation Suite to benchmark quantum performances.

Our proprietary collection of physics-based solvers for optimisation. Quickly benchmark the performances of quantum algorithms versus highly customisable classical heuristics.

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Scaling Quantum Algorithms with QPUs

We build software tools to improve the quality and performance of current quantum computing approaches for tackling industry-relevant problems at increasingly larger scales. We also work with quantum hardware companies to achieve and demonstrate optimal use of their QPUs.

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